101 Things in 1001 Days

I am intrigued by this list project that apparently has been around the web for quite  some time.

I am motivated by lists . The fact that this is a published list, made public is even more motivation. The thing is made real by giving it a face and life of its own here in this blog.

My list

Begin September 14th 2008 – end June 12th 2011

  1. Attend Rancid concert!
  2. Renew Disneyland passes
  3. Buy 3 pieces of original art from the artist (3/3)
  4. Learn to prepare Artichokes properly
  5. Listen to 3 jazz artists new to me (3/3)
  6. Listen to 3 classical artists new to me (3/3)
  7. Clean and maintain the cubbys on my desk
  8. Fill the extra trash bin with de-clutter stuff 10 times (10/10)Whoo hoo! going for 6 more before the end of March 2009 (6/6)
  9. Attend a cheese tour / tasting/shop (frogs breath in Orange ,disappointing)
  10. Clean up file box info and make legible
  11. Have sushi with Ayleen
  12. Read an entire book online neverwhere/neil gaiman
  13. Get some kind of exercise 15 minutes a day 5 days a week for a month (maybe this will become a habit!)(or a job!)
  14. Write a will with instructions for finding everything
  15. Clean out the cupboard in the playroom
  16. Post 3 book reviews on Amazon (0/3)
  17. Attend a musical with Bob
  18. Rehome 11 books in 60 days (11/11)
  19. Ride the metrolink or other public transit
  20. Eat lunch in the park
  21. Visit a Museum
  22. Start a blog of my own
  23. Patch my Levis from 2007!
  24. Rehome  unused cookbooks( Gave them to Courtnee!)
  25. Write 3 poems (1/3)
  26. Clean and organize pan cupboard
  27. Buy 3 more cookie sheets
  28. Send 3 Thank You/ Compliment letters(3/3)
  29. Clean and purge junk from playroom
  30. Say something positive and or optimistic daily( easy-peasy now that I am driving again at work!)
  31. Visit Texas
  32. Visit the US Southeast
  33. Visit the Pacific Northwest
  34. Get a Hula Hoop to play with! (DONE! I really MUST practice , I KNOW I used to be able to do this!)
  35. Clean and empty the stairwell
  36. Clean and condense the desk drawers
  37. Put all important papers in the firebox
  38. Attend 3 local events of any type (3/3)
  39. Order , track and receive 11 “free” things (11/11)Last one Total Cranberry cereal…I mean cardboard!
  40. Do three “different” GPS  exercises (like Letterboxing)(earthcache(1)
  41. Learn to swear more creatively I have at least learned to say effing most of the time
  42. Prepare and consume 3 veggies I have never tried (3/3)Yam fries~whole artichokes~sugar snap peas
  43. Make all the pillowcases I have been holding fabric for.
  44. Throw out all old worn out shoes…really, all of them!
  45. Clean the Geo out!
  46. Tour some model homes in Southern and Central California
  47. See the new Ontario Ice Hockey team play(OK , I am going to count this , saw practice through the big screen while at work delivering in Ontario!)
  48. Visit Germany
  49. Close out SleepingBeagle with BOE
  50. Support political issues in an open manner
  51. Oppose Political candidates/issues in a gentle manner
  52. Visit a So Cal archeological dig site
  53. Find a good Winter scent to wear(Soy milk and honey! )
  54. Read a comic that is new to me every month  for 6 months (6/6)Going to try to continue this one! Doing good on this!
  55. Find /buy/use a good water bottle
  56. Learn to use the TDS 800 at work
  57. Kitchen curtains , make/buy  replacements
  58. Wear my hair 3 different ways in a week (3/3)
  59. Read another Graphic Novel
  60. Send more e-cards to more people!
  61. Finish adding family I am aware of to Geni tree
  62. Have a game night with another couple (Apples to Apples with Frank and Karen!)
  63. re-season and use the cast iron pans  (first food in: Bacon!)
  64. Get a third lunchbox
  65. Try 3 new teas (3/3)Sugar cookie(BLEH!)2 wild Berry iced tea(bleh!) It should have been good, I just want a good Blackberry sage now!Market pantry Green, A potful for breakfast !FTW!
  66. Maintain this blog at least monthly for the 1001 days
  67. Write titles and names as I think of them
  68. List all the interesting words I run across
  69. Send Ellen real cards on random holidays I am striking this one , not green sending e-cards instead
  70. Buy / Make a new ren faire bodice
  71. Develop a persona for AOA Acts of Anarchy(Haphazard)
  72. Make a pizza from scratch (thanks Ayleen)
  73. Learn to fold a paper crane /raven/bird
  74. Write a half dozen Haiku
  75. Use my AAA discount more often at least 6 times (6/6)#6Homeowners ins!DOH!
  76. List the smells in my neighborhood(I am doing this in my head often, must write them down!)
  77. Bookmark and read National Geographic not as good as in printed paper, the scent is missing
  78. Organize the upstairs shelves
  79. Do 6 of the 100 Kerismith.com projects (6/6) last 3 were :”Have a color theme meal “”cream” Seared scallops,mock hollendaise ,whole garlic infused sourdough toast strips(lightly toasted) “fill an entire page with small circles (MUCH harder and time consuming than anticipated! ) “be upsidedown for 5 minutes” OK, I was changing fuses in the Geo but I was upside down ! I was giddy with accomplishment or maybe an overfed artery or two when finished!
  80. Place 3 new Geocaches (2/3)
  81. Clear out backyard shed /keep very little(just holiday stuff in there now!)
  82. Clean and ready patio for use by May 5th 2009
  83. Smile more while doing daily tasks
  84. Attend some kind of different con/show
  85. Sell 11 un used things from house on eBay(11/11)
  86. Get new lopping shears (!!! Green extending handle ones!!!Whoo!)
  87. Drink more tea ~ eat more fruit~ doing well on this too!
  88. Get a little camera and carry it often Bob gave me a new little camera (Elim) for Christmas 2008!
  89. Learn to use photo software better (ongoing)
  90. Visit a lighthouse
  91. Take a class
  92. See the entire new Dr Who series (David Tennent one)Switched to the new DR. will still see #10 as well
  93. Cut out as much paper billing as possible
  94. Learn the basic history of 6 California towns new to me(1/6)
  95. Read something by Joan Didion that is new to me
  96. Remove the Sleepingbeagle Myspace
  97. Label old photos with names and years as I find them
  98. Place old photos in better boxes
  99. Carry out drain cleaning monthly Doing well on this front will continue
  100. Buy a WOOT.com  item!
  101. Gently dust the Javalina
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One thought on “101 Things in 1001 Days

  1. Way to go on the list! With two things accomplished already, too! I might have to steal some of your items for future things to do – especially the makes pillowcases from all the fabric I have laying around.

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