Like an Adult

I went to Rancid and Guana Batz last night with Ayleen . She called way back in May to make sure I would go if she bought tickets for my birthday (September) ,I said YES!

What I learned is that at 49 I am sssooooo not too old for the rock show!

Like the doof I am I really wanted Jelly beans after dinner ,so by the time we reached security I had flattened what was left of them and put them in my pocket.  Hah! Take that security!  Fooled me, the first security guy was just checking ID so we could get our wrist bands and I didn’t  have any ID except my Disneyland AP on me! I cannot recall the last time I was carded. He was nice and said he would fix me up anyway…well duh I think I look over 21 a couple of times at least.

Now we go past the metal detector wand guy, I turn around and he very nicely says to please turn and face him, he is not the cops! So anyway me and my jelly beans all get into HOB .

It was a great show, small venue,loud music. The opening band Guana Batz was like a UK variety act, funny, talented,all over the place!

You MUST see Rancid like this  at a small place if you are a fan of their music. They were fantastic last night their music was  heartfelt and the crowd was involved. More words would not convey how good a time I had so I just want to say  “Thanks Ayleen for taking your Mom to Rancid!”

My ill-gotten wrist band and HOB stub

My ill-gotten wrist band and HOB stub

Hey ‘Leen , “Guardian ” is not a band! It is something a person under 16 needs to attend the show! DOH!!!

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One thought on “Like an Adult

  1. Forty-nine isn’t too bad! WElcome to the club – except I have six months experience on your at this age.

    Will read more entries later on but loved this one Janis!

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