#15 Take 15 minutes to eat an Orange

Unless I am wolfishly hungry I pretty much always take this long to eat an orange or any segmented fruit.

I like to peel my oranges first then pull the segments apart and nibble the center a little to begin the process of peeling the membrane off of the cells. Now I can pop the segment inside out and the seeds can fall away .

Holding the now detached membrane I can consume the juicy cells of orangey goodness free of any other part of the fruit. Yes I have always done this if I have a whole orange.

Sliced orange smiles are OK but it is very hard not to get any pulpy bitterness that way.

Grapefruit need to be cut in half and consumed with a teaspoon or a runcible spoon. They also must be Ruby Red.

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One thought on “#15 Take 15 minutes to eat an Orange

  1. Janis,

    The only item I actually have such a strategy for eating a certain way is an Oreo.

    First, I pull the wafers apart, using my teeth I scrape off the creamy filling (not my favorite part but I need to get it out of the way), and then saver the delicious chocolate wafers – sometimes dipped in milk and sometimes dipped in tea.

    Not as healthy but I certainly put thought into it!!!

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