1 down 4 to go

We have new next door neighbors,so far so good.

Single family ,Sarah,Charlie and 3 kids.

She hates bugs,likes dogs and returned all my mis-delivered mail tonight…hooray!

I gave her the # for the local pest control!

4 more empty houses to fill and make into homes again on this little street.

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3 thoughts on “1 down 4 to go

  1. She likes dogs but she has to LOVE beagles. LOL.

    What pests does she have to get rid of? What happened on your street that so many homes were unoccupied?

  2. Steve

    I hope the number was for Moxie!

  3. uberrhund

    of course it was for Moxie! I don’t know any others that are actually in town!

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