Why the Empty houses…

I had an email with a forwarded cartoon (I didn’t copy and paste  due to copyright issues) it pictured Halloween night 2008 with a group of Trick or Treaters passing empty houses with forclosed notices posted on them.

So sad and SO true.

A friend asked in an earlier comment why there are so many empty houses on our street. Because the former owners had to walk away from them either bankruptcy, forclosure,being so upside on the loan they just left in the dark of night.

It is not just our street, Southern California and many ,many other places are in just as bad shape.

And Dottie the “pests” she needs an exterminator for next door are mostly water bugs and silverfish…eeewwwwww! The house had way too many people in there last time and the doors and windows were open without screen all the time. A leaky in ground pool back there too may not help!

Perhaps after the election  ,in the new year we will see a turn around in this economy.

What we can do until then is support the candidate we believe in, vote for change in the status quo and like sharks just keep swimming forward!

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