#74 inspired to compose Haiku

Yes the sad news of Mothers Cookies has inspired me to write, you just never know what will become the creative force that motivates!

I did not like the way the spacing on the page looked with the Haiku so I am just going with the single line method.

October leaves fall  / Waxy bags of pink and white / Cookies go silent

Simpler days wan / Trans fats bankruptcy plotted / Mothers sudden death

Double fudge sandwich / Frosted circus animals / Empty shelves remain

Childhood nightmares / Vanish fearsome animals / March frosted no more

Drawer  quietly shuts / Stolen cookies melt through lies / Never repeated

Frosting propelled / Dreams of bakery mergers / Hope springs eternal

This takes care of #74 on my 101 list as well. I am happy and sad at once.

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2 thoughts on “#74 inspired to compose Haiku

  1. I’m saddened for you Janis….

    However, I love the Haiku! Amazing what did jump-start your inspiration to write!

  2. Mmmm … cookies and haiku. Oh wait, I guess it’s just haiku now.

    Love the poems 🙂

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