Adios Jeep !

The Wagoneer Christmas Eve 2007

The Wagoneer Christmas Eve 2006

I sold my Jeep Wagoneer yesterday.

I am not as sad or unhappy about this as I thought I might be, in fact I am pleased that it went to a good home.

The Wagoneer will now be the tow vehicle for a vintage trailer. It will still live in rust free Southern California and has a new owner who really seems to love the Wagoneer  already.

I made the choice to sell when I was filling out the yearly auto insurance forms and saw that I had only driven it 300 miles in a whole year. With the price of gas and working full time I was not able to do justice to the Wagoneer ,I was not even driving it enough to keep the battery charged.

This was not my first Jeep and I am sure it will not be my last either.

The sale felt right and now we move on…

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2 thoughts on “Adios Jeep !

  1. Janis, maybe a hybrid is around the corner for you!!

    She did look like a sturdy mode of transport…..

  2. So I guess we’re putting a Christmas tree on the Geo Metro’s roof this year? 🙂

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