Most Fun Thanksgiving Ever !

I approached this Thanksgiving with great trepidation due to the impending doom of a turkey fryer .


Everything was totally under control and many of us had done extensive research (mostly Ayleen since this was her idea).

The day arrived  as did the friends and family who are the absolute best company , welcome here anytime.

First we devoured some Leeky cheese bread then  the kids made yet another quick store run.

The Turkey was moist  yet crispy , not the least bit greasy. We used canola oil since I have nut allergies . After the turkey and an extra turkey breast  we dropped a bunch of thawed (once frozen) sweet potato fries

into the hot oil. They roiled and danced in the frothy oil and then all of a sudden they went silent and the oil stopped bubbling and they all rose to the surface , done to a perfect crisp! Who knew this would be SO  entertaining!?!

We went inside to eat our lovely meal, Neil’s special cheese potatoes with broccoli ,green bean casserole (of course!) the wonderful turkey  and just all kinds of great food!

After we recovered from the dinner  Bob and Ayleen set up the Badminton net and we played well into the dark of evening with only the street light  glow to swat birdies by…we all took a few shuttlecocks to the head !

We also played trac ball and horse shoes earlier in the day .

For dessert the batter came out and candy bars were fried in the hot oil…only meh, not as exciting as they sound. Bacon was also the victim of batter and fry…nice nice not thrilling only nice.

Had to let the oil cool now  so we went in and played Apples to Apples for a very long time and ate pretzels and kettle korn. The oil was finally cool enough to move and the yard was cleaned up of all the games and food prep stuff so the very very good , most fun ever Thanksgiving came to an end .

Thanks to Ayleen and George, their friends Mandy and Neil and Bob for making this my best ever Thanksgiving day!

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One thought on “Most Fun Thanksgiving Ever !

  1. No, thank YOU for having a wonderful Thanksgiving! Just thinking about leeky cheese bread makes me salivate.

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