Beautiful Crows

While driving out in Temescal Canyon in the work car this morning I was seen by a murder or 8-10 large glossy Crows. They were sunning themselves atop a stretch of chain link fence next to a produce market.

I say I was seen by them not that I saw them because they looked me and the car I was driving over intently. I was the interloper on this scene.

They stayed with me in spirit at least throughout the day . The scribbling  they inspired follows.


plump glossy crows cast

beady eyed glances

into commuters souls


sleek ebony crows

dotting fence tops

decorate autumn mornings


Gelatinous black pool

the dead crows eye

reflects the stick

feathers lifted fall again


leathery claws fail  to grasp

the prodding branch

the boy moves on…

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One thought on “Beautiful Crows

  1. Visions of Alfred Hitchcock are dancing in my head right now…….

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