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I began this blog in September of 2008 with a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. The list is the first post to this page in Sept. 08 and that one is where I keep track and cross off things that have been done and I sometimes comment on them there. The list in it’s fresh ,brand new nothing done yet form is the sidebar on the front page here. I may want to compare someday .I have been doing a few of them here and there, now and again. The list provides an un-stressful focus, a very good feeling sort of focus.

Here are a few of the latest items I have been able to strike a line through:

Do 6 of the 100 Kerismith.com projects (6/6) last 3 were :”Have a color theme meal ” “cream” Seared scallops,mock hollendaise ,whole garlic infused sourdough toast strips(lightly toasted)

“fill an entire page with small circles (MUCH harder and time consuming than anticipated! )

“be upsidedown for 5 minutes” OK, I was changing fuses in the Geo but I was upside down ! I was giddy with accomplishment or maybe an overfed artery or two when finished!

#8 fill the extra 96 gal. trash bin 10 times with de-clutter trash, this is done and I am going for 6 more before the end of March 2009!

#34 Get a hula hoop and play with it…well I am playing with it , hula hooping  not so much! I know I used to be able to do this !

#63 Re-season the cast iron pans. I used the old skillet tonight  and the first item in was Bacon! Well of course it was!!!

#88 Get a little digital camera (Thanks To my DH Bob!)

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One thought on “1001 things update

  1. Christina

    Yay! #88. I love my little camera; take pics of random stuff, and of course, the dogs! Looking forward to your pics! Love your 1001 things list!

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