And the Rain rain rain came down down down…

I have not been writing enough this month,no reason  really just that the days have been very much the same for the last couple weeks.

The sky darkens and the rain falls the drivers on our Freeways are frightened by all this water as if it is a toxic , alien substance and they react by braking wildly,swerving,slowing to a dangerous crawl or driving on the shoulder until it is no more an then acting like YOU made them do that and YOU should move over .

Actually I do not mind the rain or driving in it. It is just those other , few ,bad freaked out drivers that should stay off the road that vex me.

Keeping the rolls of paper blueprints we are delivering is a whole other challenge !


Around 3pm looking North/Northwest

Around 3pm looking North/Northwest

Same day to the West

Same day to the West

has been a round of more hourly cut backs at work , lots of rain, lots of cooking on the weekends and towels in every room to dry off the “Weather Beagle”.

The sky has been lovely on more than one afternoon however. Here are a couple stormy day photos from late last week.

Mt. Baldy day after storm snow level 2500 ft!

Mt. Baldy day after storm snow level 2500 ft!

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3 thoughts on “And the Rain rain rain came down down down…

  1. Love the clouds in the pics! You can just see how saturated they are. I hope you’re loving your camera as much as I do. It’s freezing here so I don’t get out much with it but once the weather warms up, I plan on just driving somewhere to take pics.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now, go and shoot something, Janis! LOL.

  2. Christina

    Love the sky photos, Janis! I miss living in a climate with palm trees. Is the Mt. Baldy view from your neighborhood?

  3. Hi,
    The view of Baldy is about 10 miles closer than my house,about 5 from the foot of the mountain . It just looks lovely here on a sunny ,crisp winter day.
    We may move from here someday in the future but it would be tough to find somewhere as pretty and diverse as Southern California.
    It is uber costly to live here but we would have to make sacrifices anywhere , taxes,shopping ,weather,lack of tortillas!
    I have lived here all my life and I still try to enjoy the things that cause the rest of the country to want to move here while they watch the Rose Parade New Years Day!
    And YES! I am really enjoying my new camera!

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