Red tape removed

I am here to confess that Tish and I have been Animal Control outlaws since November.

That was when her 3 year city tags were due to be paid and she was due for a Rabies Vac. . Since she is on cancer meds for the Cushings and well controlled the vet and I choose not to add any more chemicals to her body than we must, so no more vacs for her .

Here is the rub no rabies certificate = no tags.

So I ignored the postcard , and the next one, they will just think she has died of old age I figure…no such luck!

I came home from work yesterday to a citation for “harboring a pet dog without proper tags” fine if not corrected by March 18th is $200 !


This morning I went to the Animal control office with Tish’s meds in hand and a recent photo to prove she is on cancer meds and would they PLEASE waive the rabies shot and take my payment  without endangering her health?

I want in line and run into an ex neighbor who is amazed we still have Tish at all. When I get to see the officer I explain the whole story , that she will be 15 in May and never leaves her yard at all and my old neighbor chimes in “Yeah, man that is true , she never does not even over the short wall next door!” At this point I whip out the cell phone and show them her picture .

They not only waived the rabies shot they offered me a 6 month tag for $5 which is not really on the price list  at all.

I said , no just give us the 3 year tag as always and if it outlasts her consider it a donation!

The red tape was not even there but I was really concerned they would force the issue.

Tish being a road block

Tish being a road block

As of today we are members in good standing in our community once more.

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3 thoughts on “Red tape removed

  1. Poor Tish… I know what you mean about the vaccinations, though, as we waived the Lyme disease vac this past year due to Freckles cancer. He is due for his rabies vaccination in June. I just may have to contact them in advance to see the best way to handle this.

    Glad they cut you the slack on this one. Give Tish a an extra collar rub from me…

  2. To think, criminals in my own family! 🙂 I’m so glad Animal Control didn’t make an issue out of it.

  3. Christina

    I’m glad they waived the fee! Oh my, poor Tish. I discussed vaccination protocol with my veterinarian when I moved here six years ago because of Jazzy’s sensitivity to certain vaccines. When we first moved here, rabies vaccination was annual, then recently the city changed it to three year rabies vaccination. A couple years ago, the city added registration for pets (dogs, cats and ferrets). They don’t send out reminders ~ I’ve not yet renewed for this year. . .
    Best wishes to Tish! She’s a sweet girl!

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