All that is left

For the Skywatch Friday I am posting another view of Mt. Baldy , the same area as the very snowy photos last month…this is all that is left , a little cap of white snow at the very top.

We have entered Springtime here in Southern California. Light blueish gray skies , dark blueish gray mountains viewed through a sepia tone haze blanketing the valley most days.Pretty clear view of the absence of snow!

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3 thoughts on “All that is left

  1. Very beautiful Janis!!! What a contrast to the rooftops, tree tops, and telephone wires that I seem to catch in all of my photos! I’d love to have this view!

  2. Christina

    Love blue sky views, and palm trees!

  3. Very Nice shot of Mt. Baldy!
    Cheers, Klaus

    P.S.: – Please be so kind to provide a link back to Skywatch, so that others can see skies from all over! (It’s part of the rules, too) Thanks!
    Your Skywatch Team

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