The Farmer Adobe

The Farmer Adobe

This is all we have in the way of sky so far this week, light blue/brown haze without a thing to break it up except lingering contrail of a long gone plane.

The home below the bland sky is known as the Farmer Adobe. Mr Farmer was my music teacher when I was in first grade and he was about to retire in 1966. Many ,Many years before Mr. Farmer (Lorin) built this home from adobe  bricks he made from the clay soil  on the site where it still stands.

The arched doors ,original to the home, are also handcrafted by Mr. Farmer.

This is the only the second time I have seen it empty and overgrown in 50 years. The most recent owners painted the natural adobe over with a brown clay wash and while it looks OK it is not the same as the old bricks rising up from their very own foundation in the earth.

The plants are all native and the old house will be a home again soon when people rent or purchase and it is full of life once again.



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2 thoughts on “Skywatch42

  1. Janis, our skies were sort of like that color for most of this week.

    I like the story about that home – pretty cool.

  2. Diane

    Sad about the bland sky but the story of the house is interesting.

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