Skywatch 43

Oh No! my shoes are all gone!

Oh No! my shoes are all gone!

It was a lovely sunny morning in Southern California . The sky was clear blue still untainted by smog this early. The Maple trees  were just leafing out to provide a summers worth of cooling shade and… ALL the tires and wheels were GONE from the delivery car at work!!!

Who on earth would want the junky stock wheels and worn tires of a delivery vehicle ?

I will be the topic of conversation  with our walk in customers until Corp. comes to take it away or puts new wheels on it!

visit skywatch Friday!

visit skywatch Friday!

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6 thoughts on “Skywatch 43

  1. The car adds great visual interest to the lovely morning sky. Everything looks so clean!

  2. What the?! Who would steal wheels like that? At least you get a free cinder block. That’s just so weird to get to work and find no wheels on the car!

  3. Truly bizarre but very nice skies!!! Hope your weather stays nice all weekend!

    Still can’t get over someone stole those tires….

  4. Strange . . . hmmm…perhaps they were replacing tires/wheels stolen from their car?! Beautiful blue sky and green on the trees!!! Happy SkyWatch Friday!

  5. Heard ’bout this happening, never seen it even in photos. Some people.. Great catch! Happy SWF!!

  6. What a sweet, sweet mother’s day gift from your daughter and the BBQ sounded so yummy.

    I hope your day was wonderful. I must blog soon but am a bit uninspired…..

    Take care. I’ll be glad when this puppy biting/growling stage passes us by – it’s a but unnerving considering our experience with Ceili.

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