Nothing,nada, zippity-do-da

(Heavy sigh) The skies have been blah and grayish in the mornings and  that mix of inversion layer haze and slightly smoggy by afternoon followed by a washed out knee of the oldest jeans ever colored sunset,which is to say by way of a very long and poor sentence that I have no Skywatch photo this week.

Nothing inspired  me at all.

All things here have been quite blah since Wednesday.

In fact ,while driving to work (An entire other post) I was waiting to turn left at out corner and thought to myself “Hhhmmm, perhaps I should just mosey the Geo out in front of that cement mixer. He could never stop in time. Would I even be enough left to pry out? POP! squished like a tuna can in the roadway” . Then I waited for the cement truck to pass by and continued on my way.

Mid-day in the company car I was sitting almost still in traffic atop one of the highest overpasses in California  and thought to myself ” What would it feel like if the “Big ” earthquake hit right now? Would I feel that awful “whoopsy” feeling in my stomach like on a roller coaster when it tumbles down the steep drops and loops? Or would the concrete roadbed crumble around us and slow the decent while threatening to crush the cars under chunks of debris?”

My “self” is a little bit weary this week and needs to shut up and start humming  soothing tunes instead of sharing its thought process.

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2 thoughts on “Nothing,nada, zippity-do-da

  1. Just checking on you, Janis. I know things are sad right now and I wanted you to know that I am thinking of you…..

    So, are these cookies really that good?

  2. The ‘earthquake thought’ has popped up each time I’ve visited Southern California, but then I just push it away again and enjoy this incredible state.

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