Skywatch 45

A very pretty scene on the hillside across from the crocer near my workplace.

As lovely as this looks the brush is getting very dry and there is far too much up there that has no access .

The breeze was gently snapping the flag in the backyard of one of these homes and the temp was about 82.

skywatchswftomA perfect So Cal day!

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4 thoughts on “Skywatch 45

  1. Excellent shot, I always love pics that include flags. Check out mine if you have time….

    Have a great weekend.
    Regina In Pictures

  2. Perfect SkyWatch Friday entry for this Memorial Day weekend!

  3. I can feel the heat from this shot – lovely! Although I can appreciate that it’s getting a bit too dry.
    BTW, the link to your blog from your profile on comments you’ve made on other sites isn’t working – I had to go back to the Skywatch site and click through from there. Like you, I always visit the entry after mine, and the one before too.

  4. Janis, great Skywatch entry. I hope you guys get a little moisture out there. Like Linda above said, you can really feel the heat/dryness in that photo.

    Thanks, as always, for visiting my humble blog. One of these days I will get back into the swing of doing Skywatch weekly.

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