Skywatch 47

CIMG0208A  sky full of purple/blue flowers  is what we have been seeing for a few weeks all over Southern California.


The Jacaranda trees are in their Spring bloom and they are intense and profuse this year. These trees are not native to the US , they were introduced to the Southwest by San Diego Botanist Kate Sessions around 1900 when she brought over examples from South Africa.


The trees are able to bloom with purple trumpet flowers twice a year  in Spring and Autumn.

One is supposed to have good fortune if a Jacaranda flower falls on top of your head!

We have had all kinds of weather this week  which in not at all normal for us this time of year. The storm clouds rolled in Wednesday with bolt lightening, thunder and scattered downpours as well as coastal hail, a 20-30 year happening if at all!

visit skywatch Friday!

visit skywatch Friday!

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8 thoughts on “Skywatch 47

  1. Your weather is perfect and those jacaranda blooms are just gorgeous!

    Happy SWF!

  2. Love the sky against the building, reflecting the sky. These scene is such a great backdrop for photography. I can just imagine one of those great California indy designers like lorimarsha or graygoosie (see FLICKR or ETSY) walking past here in an outfit upcycled from vintage tablecloths or silk scarves snapping photos of the day!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful jacaranda. I noticed them blooming when I was in LA Memorial Day but didn’t get any photos.

  4. I like the brilliant purple of those flowers against the blue sky..

    The reflections in the building are cool…

  5. Jacarandas are magnificent in bloom, but also when the petals form carpets or lilac on the ground.

  6. I love the sky reflected in the building and the color of the flowers is just lovely.

  7. Nice shot of the reflection of the tree. The blooms of the Jacaranda tree is fabulous ~ love the color!

  8. I like those – haven’t seen one before. They look just as good without the flowers. I’m guessing that they wouldn’t like my cold damp back garden! – Thanks for sharing xo

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