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This is what a sky with no rain looks like .

Below the little rogue cloud is what drought looks like.

This was once  a lovely  community golf course, Mountain View Country Club.

Due to the dwindling economy it was closed last year around November .  It did not take long to revert to the natural state of wilderness in Southern California. Even with a winter of light but steady rains we have not had enough to even begin to make it to October 09 (that is our next real chance at any measurable rainfall). In our city water saving regulations are voluntary at the moment but could be mandatory by July.

That would mean no lawn watering  from 10am to 7 pm, no car washing at home where the water is not recycled like a carwash and more.

I am ok with most of these measures but a summer of not letting kids play in the sprinklers, of not watering the parkway barefoot in the late afternoon to cool off and water the grass at the same time,well that is just going to be sad.

Our city utility dept is spending a lot of time removing turf grass from all the city yard areas , around meters and pumping stations ,at the effluent plant etc… grass being replaced with recycled rubber “bark”. Looks O.K. but I wonder if they know they are creating /adding to urban heat zones?

The trees and grass add to the moisture ,what there is of it, in the air.

We are a reclaimed desert here in the inland valley area and with less water for the ground cover we soon will be that desert once again.

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visit skywatch Friday!

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4 thoughts on “skywatch 49

  1. You probably already know, but Los Angeles has already implemented mandatory water saving measures including restricting lawn watering to only Mondays and Thursdays.

    If I had a lawn and couldn’t run through the sprinkler all summer I would be pretty mad, too! Let’s hope they don’t enact that.

  2. I hope that there are no mandatory restrictions…. If I could send some of our rain your way, you know I would.

    Today so far is dry, but cloudy.

    Great sky entry, though.

    Have a good weekend!!!

  3. Too much dryness in your area is not a good thing! I enjoy your SWF entries!

  4. You must treasure every bit of rain…..

    Love the pepper tree and your imaginative story.

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