Skywatch 50

California Hillside

California Hillside

This is the dry hillside across the street from my workplace. We had a few little wispy clouds vying for space in the warm dry air today. They drifted up from Baja Ca overnight to add a touch of color to our week of otherwise flat , pale skies. Gracias little cloud amigos!

The landscape of this hillside is what Southern California really looks like in the summer. This scene of brush and Pepper Trees could be anywhere from San Diego to Paso Robles , it is actually in Corona about 23 miles inland from the Pacific as the Crow flies.There is an industrial park across the street and Interstate 15 is just out of the frame to the right .There is a coastal range between Corona and the ocean ,a canyon on two sides and a vast expanse of urban valley on the other.  Meteorlogically speaking that means it gets HOT here and windy in the afternoons.

Peppertree's Shade

Peppertree's Shade

The lone Peppertree could be of another time, an Indian girl could be up there gleaning peppercorns while her brother stalked rabbits to snare for a meal in the 1400’s, a horseman of the 18oo’s might crest the hill glad to have found a patch of shade for he and his mount to rest a little while before going on the last few miles to meet the Butterfield Stage in Temescal Canyon, A film crew in Model A trucks might kick up a cloud of dust chasing their “Zorro” across “Old California” in one of those new “talky” movies of the 1920’s. Yes this could be any hillside in Southern Calfornia , but it is my hillside today and now it is a little bit more interesting .


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5 thoughts on “Skywatch 50

  1. Very nice skywatch posting, thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice weekend
    Regina In Pictures

  2. You just made that tree vastly more interesting! Also, “little cloud amigos” had me cracking up 🙂

  3. Very nice post – your wispy clouds tell a story. Keep cool!

  4. I like how you included history into your story of the tree and sky and land. Wonderful post on your blog this Friday!

  5. Love the history you’ve read into this. When I’ve visited Southern California I’ve realised how ignorant I’ve been of the history – we tend just to get the War of Independence and the Civil War, from the east coast perspective.

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