Skywatch 51

Hope everyone is about to have a great Independence day tomorrow ,July 4th!

Mount Rubidoux July 3rd

Mount Rubidoux July 3rd

This is Mt. Rubidoux in Riverside Ca. ,about 13 miles from Corona. It is really more of a large hill than a “Mount” but so it is called.

Our county officials deem this dry brushy,rocky hill is the very best place to fire off the huge aerial fireworks display, they do this every year and the MT. catches fire every year.

Smart fellow!

Smart fellow!

This smart little fellow moved to lower ground near the river in advance of the 4th…he must think humans are the dumbest creatures ever(he may well be right in this case!).

Clear skies today and a clear warm night tomorrow for fireworks.

We will be viewing from a classic car cruise at the foot of the hill at a Mexican food diner in an old gas station! Photos of that event should be up mid week.

Have a happy and safe weekend!

visit skywatch Friday!

visit skywatch Friday!

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5 thoughts on “Skywatch 51

  1. So weird about the fireworks each year always being set where they cause fire! Love the watchful gaze of the little guy in the 2nd photo!

    Happy July 4th!

  2. white, white hill…great shot

    i skywatched, too here

  3. Your pictures are lovely, so dreamy. The clouds, the peppertree, the powdery blue sky…..

    Thanks for visiting the virtual “Army N VY” Store at Greensboro Daily Photo. Sounds like we enjoy the same kind of places!

  4. I love your photos, lovely sky.

  5. Great skywatch photos. I’m surprised not to see more fireworks. I love ’em.

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