Independence Day!

Mural at Taco Station

Mural at Taco Station

We went to the Taco Station with the daughter and her George to take part in a car cruise and consume a 5+ lb burrito for our 4th of July .

The cruise was small,15-18 cars because of the heat yesterday ,about 101 but should have 96-97 , yes that makes a difference around here!

We  were also filming the burrito feast for the youtube show “” that should be up later in the month. They are showing their visit to Pink’s hot dogs in Los Angeles at the moment.

A 5 pound combo carne asada burrito is called an “Axle” at the Taco Station since everything is gas station themed. It covers not a plate but a tray and takes two counter girls to layer ,fold and flip the monster!

Taco Station

Taco Station

After much burrito was consumed (all but a couple tablespoons !) we settled down to watch the fireworks on the mountain. First we had a 34 rat rod that threw flames in the parking lot (yes ,on purpose!) very fun and cool then street lights went out and the real big booming fireworks began. The carshow DJ played nice background music and the warm Summer night sky was alive with color!

Hot Rod Flames

Hot Rod Flames

Mt Rubidoux caught fire at 9:23,a lady named Joy won the parking lot pool called the “fire Fund” She guessed 23 minutes into the show…I said 9:03 so I was way off!

4th of July !

4th of July !

This sounds awful but heck they set the place on fire every year without fail!

It was put out in less than 10 minutes, no worries there.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend, I know I did!

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4 thoughts on “Independence Day!

  1. Sounds like one of those crazy “only in America” times. Fun! Oh, the joys of summer. A five pound burrito!

  2. What a fantastic view, nice shot.

    Have a great weekend.
    Regina In Pictures

  3. I like your thought process. Great Skywatch Friday post!

  4. Hot Rod Flames is sick. That is one bad pic. Brings the world back to the days of GREASE.

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