Skywatch Friday 53

Little Boxes on the hillsides, all made of ticky-tacky….


Anyone else remember the Peet Seeger song “Little Boxes” ?

This is what the boxes look like on the edge of our city where it runs into and melds with Riverside.

There is a sea of red tile roofed cookie-cutter boxes and beyond those some light industrial then white roofed boxes and if yu look close ,along the ridgeline of the dry brown hillside you will see more ticky-tacky boxes that are only half finished. The builders are going very ,very slowly since the cost and sales ratio is so poor these days.

People commute to neighboring counties from these tracts,all pouring onto the Hwy each morning and evening  in their moblie “little box”. Working at their jobs often in a cubicle type of “little box”  …all the same , all the same.

No issue with that ,it is what it is and life goes by.

Take the time to not be “all the same” each day.

visit skywatch Friday!

visit skywatch Friday!

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5 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday 53

  1. Interesting post….I couldn’t do it…. that is why I live where I live but thank you for sharing your skies with us. Have a wonderuful weekend.

  2. Good advice to end with 🙂 I’m going to go be not the same with others tomorrow at the Renegade Craft Fair haha! (That haha should be read with gusto.)

  3. But only a superior snapper could conjur such an artistic photo out of Pete Seeger’s words. Happy SWF!

  4. So soft and dreamy this sky. I love the music of Pete Seeger and his half-brother, Mike Seeger. All of the folksy, acoustic music is great for summer! Thanks for bringing it to mind!

  5. jeez little boxes indeed.

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