Farmers Market

I went to check out the new Farmer’s Market in town this morning and I am happy to report  it was awesome!


High praise for a bunch of produce vendors in the corner of a Sears outlet parking lot but there you have it.

Corona has been without a good central Farmers Market for a few years now and judging by the turn-out this morning I was not the only one who missed having one!

I purchased  items from 3 of the growers and added $1 to the donation case of the folk singer who was just singing, playing and roasting in the sun ! He was good and I like to support the artists who make my day a little nicer.

The photo is of all my goodies ,huge swirled radish bunch, organic tangerines I cannot recall the name of,early red onions,garlic and cucumbers.

I am looking forward to this market being here in the Fall.

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2 thoughts on “Farmers Market

  1. Oooh! Farmers Markets are awesome and look like you got a good haul. We’ll have to come down and check it out sometime.

  2. Ohh…great views from up there. I heard about Comic con; must be an interesting experience to go to it!

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