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Finally a cool overcast morning here in So Cal! High temp today was only 95 (really that is a lot better!).

This stand of eucalyptus and Pepper trees has a little history to share and so few people stop to hear them anymore I thought I would take this moment to “speak for the trees” as the Lorax once said.

This little corner of Corona was the location for a 45 acre horse ranch once owned by   Desi Arnaz of ‘I Love Lucy’ fame. Following his divorce from Lucille Ball in 1960, Desi spent a great deal of time at his Corona ranch raising horses.

Although I never met Mr. Arnaz I remember as a small child going to the ranch with my dad and his Horse racing friends,trainers  and owners to see one of their horses.

Located just off Lincoln Avenue, today the ranch is the site of a changing  industry area ,now a city energy generating endeavour this was also  once one of the largest cheese factories in the world: Golden Cheese Company of California. this photo is of the North side of the street ,where there was just a couple barns and pasture area, All that remains of the original ranch is this stand of trees and a couple wells way off in the same field.

At dusk and early in the morning you can often see a flock of Turkey Vultures roosting in these trees,they have only been here a few years I am told,I only noticed them this spring.

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5 thoughts on “skywatch 55 the Arnaz ranch

  1. Hi skywatch neighbor! Thank you for visiting my blog. Interesting story!

  2. The photo and the information give rise to such contradictory images . . . the still, emptiness of the scene . . . the dizzy daftness of the Lucille Ball Show . . . the rarefied life of a horse ranch . . . you as a child . . . and a cheese factory!

    I have to force myself to recapture the still emptiness!

  3. Thank you for “speaking for the trees”. They do indeed have a wonderful story to tell.

  4. I did not know that Arnaz had a horse ranch! Do you remember the Kerr Thoroughbred Farm on Highway 60? It’s gone. The Ring Ranch, on Highway 10 and 60, in Beaumont, another thoroughbred farm, is GONE. Red Skelton’s thoroughbred farm in Anza sits empty, and Terwiliger Downs, also in Anza, is now empty. Sigh…and I have 2 rescued thoroughbreds. One from a slaughter feedlot, a deep red chestnut mare, and another one, who actually raced, a gray gelding. How things change! I’m down by Palm Springs.

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