Comic-Con 2009


This is the October Toys/Toybreak booth at Comic-Con. The guy in the green shirt is The Bawb, Zombie Girl is front left and I am in the booth. The actual Toy folk , our Daughter Ayleen and her DH George are out and about before the doors open to the attendees. Ayleen took this photo of the clean fresh booth!

For those of you who have or have not been to a Con, this is the uber-con of the entertainment/toy/comic book/game playing/web-series/podcasting costumed character world.

The 5 days of Comic-Con are exhausting fun. The Bawb went three days, I went for only two,the kids survived the entire week. Of course they had a lovely hotel room to retreat to at days end.

See…I remembered to tell you about Comic-Con after all !

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  1. Christina

    Fun! Thanks for sharing! šŸ™‚

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