Skywatch 57 Crows!

All week long I thought  this was going to be a wash for Skywatch , nothing but powdery blue and slightly hazy skies.

Today I was delivering plans to a sand quarry out in the Temescal Canyon  and  atop this very dead tree husk were two giant crows  arguing with each passerby. They Cawwed and cawwed loudly at one another and each truck that dared turn onto “their” road.

This is OUR tree!!!

This is OUR tree!!!

These two were huge as Crows go, they must be a longtime couple, spending their time hunting , arguing,stealing, bickering and generally eating and yelling all about “their” field.

After the haze rolled in this afternoon the temps were fairly nice, 88ish at time of photo about 3:00 pm.

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10 thoughts on “Skywatch 57 Crows!

  1. I bet they are loud, but it’s neaat that you got a picture of this couple. 🙂

  2. The colour contrasts are lovely, – most interesting photo, and love your story of the crows, – can relate, having been married 64 1/2 years…(same man)

  3. That’s a great photo. I love the angle of that interesting tree and Heckle and Jeckle up there!

  4. Great shot. It immediately brings to mind the traditional Scottish Ballad – The Twa Corbies (the 2 crows) – a fairly grizzly rhyme about 2 crows picking over the remains of a fallen Knight:)

  5. Urgh, I do not like these birds. Not good looking and so loud-voiced. A nice shot thoug with a very interesting tree. Thank´s for visiting me :-).

  6. They look large, I wouldnt want to have to pay their toll to use the road.

  7. Great angles on this one. I want to keep tilting my head to left, to right, to centre. I can almost hear those crows yelling at me to sit still and leave!

  8. Thanks for stopping by Murrieta365. It’s nice to meet a neighbor. Love you photo.

  9. Crows are so funny to observe; they can be really annoying but also somewhat “human-like” in their interactions. They are a nice enhancement to your sky! Thanks for visiting mine.

  10. Glennis

    Very interesting photo, those crows do have tree ownership. The tree is an interesting specimen

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