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This week I am including the text of a Geocache I hid back in 2006. The cache is still going well ,had the logbook replaced a couple of times.

The wooden part of the guard rail is the part that is refered to in the following text. Below the railing is about a 30 foot drop into a dirt  and concrete wash. The 91 Freeway replaced most of this road although some parts still survive. Most of it is called Santa Ana Canyon Road.

The above Skywatch photo is from Tuesday of this week. A normal,clear afternoon in August.

To learn more about this fun hobby/sport/fixation go to

The following is the text I wrote for the Cache:

“This is a regular hide in a historic place. The terrain is flat, street level DO NOT GO DOWN THE WASH!!! Be VERY VERY careful replacing and removing cache so IT does not go down into the wash either! You know the drill from the title. Park with care and watch for muggles in nearby buildings. Might want to park down the road for safty and walk up to site.

This cache is for The Bawb , my other half , who turns 50 this month!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 50 more for you!!!
He has spent a lot of those years traveling on this very road.Cache contents:
Cache has been replaced with small log only cache , bring pen/pencil .
The wooden parts of the terrain pre-date the Bawb by a few years as they were part of the 1938 Prado Dam relocation work for a little history of this area see: (visit link)
When the Bawb was young he traveled this road with his parents from Santa Ana to Big Bear or Hemet in a salmon pink Ford station wagon!
Later in his hoodlum days of street racing youth this spot was near the end of a marked off “midnight 1/4 mile”.
Many days were spent across the tracks down the road riding motorcycles when you could ride your dirt bike from your own driveway to the dirt on city streets!

Then the commute down the 91 brought the Bawb back to the road just to escape the 91 for a little while.”

visit skywatch Friday!

visit skywatch Friday!

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3 thoughts on “The Old Road – Skywatch 58

  1. Wow, what a wonderful subject for SWF! Loved it. Someone on an airplane chatted me up about GC several years ago. I experienced it once with visiting relations who had the appropriate gadgetry. Need to get me some gps hardware and start.

  2. We’ve got the gps. Wish I had time to do the geo tracking. Sounds like fun. I’m amazed at where cache is hidden. It is all around us!

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I think we’re almost neighbors, in the Inland Empire. For years, Bob and I had a ’48 Plymouth, it was a great car.

    Love your choice for SWF. One of my friends is part of the Yorba Family and grew up in Santa Ana Canyon.

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