Skywatch Friday S4/E7 & Now it Burns

This is the same mountain I have shown throughout the Winter of  Snow,rainy Spring , in clouds and sunshine, Mt. Baldy.

There are no clouds in these photos, it is all smoke filled sky.


Its Western face now bears the havoc of brush fires.


Two active fires are burning about 40 miles apart. The largest one, The Morris Fire is in the Angeles National Forest near Hwy 39 above the city of Azusa and is burning through deep brush upward and Eastward. At the moment it is over 1700 acres  and thankfully no homes are threatened. Another fire above the La Canada Flintridge area is only 10% contained and threatens a ranger station in that part of the forest.

Air temps are 100+ in these areas today with single digit humidity. It is supposed to be hotter tomorrow.

The photos are of the smoke layer at about 1 pm yesterday and at sunset a few hours later.

The Southern California Fire Season lasts at least through October 31st.

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Overnight, in the last 11 hours two more large fires have broken out, One in the area of Rancho Palos Verdes to the North and another to the East outside Hemet. There are now 1500 people under voluntary evacuation in various areas.

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14 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday S4/E7 & Now it Burns

  1. So scary, bush fires. My sis is staying at that near your neighbourhood?

    • uberrhund

      Nothing to worry about. Coronado is at least an hour and a half South of this area. They almost always have fine air quality too!

  2. I know what that’s like. We suffer from what we call ‘Bushfires’ in summer.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  3. the 2nd photo is stunning.

  4. It must be stressful living with the fear of the flame. Does make for beautiful photography!

  5. I like the palm trees against the sunset sky.

  6. Janis, it is unbelievable that all of these fires are raging. Please stay safe…..

    Thinking of you and doing major rain dances here for you.

  7. fabulous snapshots!

  8. I have been waiting on some pictures from the fire. It is so terrible but you pictures are absolutly beautiful.

  9. It must smell bad too. Those large fires are awful in so many ways. Take care.

  10. My sympathies; we too often have forest fires here. They always make for an interesting sunset.

  11. This looks apocalyptic. So sorry to hear about the fires.

  12. These are beautiful sky watch photos. I am sorry to hear about the fires though. Stay safe and best wishes.

  13. I hope they are able to control these fires soon and that no more get started. They make fabulous skies, though, don’t they!? Thanks for stopping by my SWF post.

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