The Station Fire , Skywatch s4/e8

The Angeles National Forest is still burning. It has been in flames for 9 days now.

The air in the Southern California area is hazy not from smog but from ash and smoke.

We are at least 45 miles from the Station fire and the following photos were taken Tuesday evening September 1st  at sunset from my front porch. They are in order as a time span of about 3 minutes passed.

They are straight out of the camera, these colors are real and not retouched in anyway.

Smoke blots out the setting sun

Smoke blots out the setting sun

The sun is now low enough to reflect below the billow of brush smoke

The sun is now low enough to reflect below the billow of brush smoke

Finally the night is dark but not cool, temp at this moment was about 96

Finally the night is dark but not cool, temp at this moment was about 96

This is just the beginning of fire season here and it has been the worst in Los Angeles county history already. Many homes have been lost as well as two Firefighters who died in the course of their duty when their truck went over the side of the road as they evacuated an area that was being overrun by the flames.

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11 thoughts on “The Station Fire , Skywatch s4/e8

  1. Hi Janis, isn’t this so horrible? As one of my friends commented it is “eerily beautiful” The authorities have confirmed as the cause as “arson”. I am really saddened with what has happened. Just thankful that we do not have the Sta Anas. I hope the weather cools down a bit. You take care, as I do, too.

  2. Those fires are horrible! I hope everyone is OK! Very pretty and colorful sunset.

  3. You have a really beautiful set of photos but I´m terribly sorry about the fire. It feels stupid complaining about the rain after reading this. Second one was my fave because it was so red.

  4. Great photographs, sorry their from a destructive fire.

    Nice to meet a fellow geocacher on SWF.

  5. Amazing photos, I hope they get the fire under control. This is just the start of the season? Oh boy, not good.

  6. These are beautiful skies but so sad about the fires. I hope they will be contained soon.

  7. Wow! Those are some pictures. I’m glad to hear they are getting some control of that fire, and I really hope they save Mt. Wilson.
    Now this geocaching…I’m going to have to look into…

  8. Fabulous series of sunset photos!
    So sorry about the fires.

  9. Sorry to hear about the fires, great photo nonetheless.

    Have a great weekend
    Regina In Pictures

  10. I too am sorry about the fires, it is just awful. Thanks for posting your sky photos.

  11. though the news of fire is not a good news – yet this photo looks wonderful. It looks like a lovely sunset.

    thanks for sharing this sky fire photos and i pray that the fire will altogether put out the soonest.

    thanks for dropping by!

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