Glen Ivy Hillside Skywatch S4/E9

These are the hills South of Corona just above Glen Ivy Hot Springs.

These Hot Springs were used by the local Native Americans ,the Spanish explorers , the Overland and Butterfield Stagecoaches stopped there as well.

The hot soothing waters attracted local folks and movie stars alike throughout the  20th century . My mom and aunts took me here regularly in the summer during the 1960’s. We would swim, soak (not the fun part …yet) and bathe in the sulphur scented mud of the canyon (that was the fun part for a little kid!) After that we would picnic under the Live Oaks that fill the canyon . Lovely days.


The low growth brush is tinder dry and although lovely to see it is a real hazard for those foolish souls who built/purchased homes that built right up into the edge of the Cleveland National Forest.

The hills WILL burn every couple of decades, due to man, lightning,heat.all kinds of reasons but they DO burn and they are way overdue.

The Station Fire to the North of us is over 75% contained with full containment due Tuesday the 15th. Lives and homes were consumed by the flames, over 160,000 acres have burned. The Station fire is the largest in LA County history and soon it will be just that…history.

The air is much better, no longer filled with smoke and the clouds in the above photo are just nice white clouds,no ash or smoke involved.

Will post about the great weekend I have planned after I enjoy muchly of it !

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5 thoughts on “Glen Ivy Hillside Skywatch S4/E9

  1. Lovely view in to your canyon. The mountains faded to the blue in a very beautiful way.

  2. I’ve been wondering a lot about living in extreme dry areas, it’s not self-evident. I hope the fires have come to an end now.

  3. Beautiful sky and mountain view Janis! I’d love to have this to look at every day!

  4. What a beautiful shot! Not just the lovely sky and clouds but the view of the canyon! Marvelous composition and colors!

    Happy SWF!


  5. Glennis

    Interesting mural.
    I seem to have clicked the wrong comments button.
    This photo is a nice vista underf a lovely sky.

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