Skywatch S4/E12


A little bit of urban graffiti  of the non-paint type.

These signs are above quite a few intersections around here, not sure what they are saying exactly,could be a “B” ,Eyes, Boobs,Eyes on the intersection or some brand I am just not getting!

They are on a sturdy rope with metal fittings thrown over the wire and then towed or flung out to the middle of the line above the street. Quite a lot of work really!

Nothing but blue ,slightly windy skies here the last couple of days.

See more skies and what they contain at:

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4 thoughts on “Skywatch S4/E12

  1. I only know what it is supposed to mean when you see tennis shoes slung over a line. Let us know if you find out. Too funny. Great visual interest for the SKY!

  2. Your hills are incredibly like ours here in the Similkameen, – even to the ‘toe’ reaching out into the valley. We are still quite agricultural, and have no super highway. I think I am happy about this. Your sky is the same as ours has been the last few days, too, – nice to have some rain.

  3. YAY for the b***’s! found mine in riverside on 14th st 🙂

  4. Very odd! Now I’m curious about the answer!

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