Skywatch Friday Cloudy & Rainy

Finally we had some good rain in Southern California this week!


These were taken Wednesday early afternoon, it had been a nice steady drizzle since Tuesday evening. Temprature was about 68 degrees and the wind was a nice easy 10-12 mph this time of day , just lovely.


That was our 24 hours of Autumn weather.

Today is clear , sunny with sharp blue skies and the temp should reach 92 degrees!

More of same for tomorrow then we drop back to a normal Autumn temp range of middle 8Os the rest of the week.

The rain was so nice and welcome , perhaps more will still arrive this month, perhaps…

For more views of our planet this week see:

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8 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Cloudy & Rainy

  1. ‘normal autumn temps in mid 80’s’?…… Oh I wish!

  2. Janis, these are beautiful photos! We have clouds and pouring rain here but somehow, if I were to venture out with my camera, the shots wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful.

  3. Beautiful one! Nice capture, we got lot of rain here too in Bangkok these days.

  4. Love the low moody clouds, thanks for sharing your skywatch.

  5. uberrhund

    Hildred and Charles Says:

    October 17, 2009 at 1:12 am e

    Your hills are incredibly like ours here in the Similkameen, – even to the ‘toe’ reaching out into the valley. We are still quite agricultural, and have no super highway. I think I am happy about this. Your sky is the same as ours has been the last few days, too, – nice to have some rain.

  6. sigh. clouds. drizzle…i miss you so 😦

  7. indeed we had a sharp blue sky earlier….:)

    thanks for coming by on my page….see you next time….:)

  8. Wonderful sky and cloud photo.

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