Grocery store rant

So….I have been to a total of 4 “grocery stores” this weekend. That is too many.

The issue is partly my concern about eating cleaner, less processed,no added or refined sugar laden foods.

I am really OK with going to a couple stores but not 4 and still not have all the items I wanted for the week.

The Stores are all advertising how they have “lowered prices” in this economy however they have also lowered the selection of products available to the shopper.

Where there once was a 8-12 type/brand choice of coffee at Sams there are only 3 ground and 4 whole bean choices today. I am spoiled by the “On the Border” tortilla chips there and the pharmacy price on Aleve is very low.

So…we went on to the Walmart,no coffee there either, I am not looking for an exotic brand ,just Maxwell house breakfast blend.

So I bought cinnamon , scent free fabric softener and blackberry S/F Smuckers jam.

On we go to Albertsons where I normally purchase S/F cookies for Bob and speciality deli meat.

Only one flavor of cookie is there so we have reg. chocolate chip which is OK but a variety is nice. No pepper salami anymore and the brand of pastrami is less than I like in quality. Now I know I sound too picky to  be allowed to live but really , to have a good meal is one of the only ways we treat ourselves these days .

So the Stater Brothers visit was on Friday and was only for milk, toilet paper and Sobe and apples.

I still have not found the White Vermont cheddar I wanted.

May be later in the week I will trek to the Ralphs across town.

I may have to just learn to make do with the lesser selection at one or two stores a week because I found myself really angry and hating the general public who were mooing  at me to join their herd as they trundled through the aisles.

Oh lord I sound like Niles Crane.   So what…I deserve Vermont  White Cheddar.

I had disappointment for lunch.

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3 thoughts on “Grocery store rant

  1. Oh, that smoke! Beautiful sunset, I love that first picture. Thanks.

  2. Ugh stores are trying to be organic but many are not going all the way unless you go to whole food or new seasons.

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