Skywatch Friday ~ Hillside about to change

This is what it looks like right before a piece of land is developed.Cimg0435This is Signal Hill in the town of Norco California.

It rises about 600 feet above the valley floor and during WWII it was atop this hill that plane spotters sat watch and communications antennas rose.

This is the “street” side  of the hill, the other side is the home of the US Navel Weapons and Tactical Command. Locally still known as the Naval Ordinance Lab, a leftover term from the 1960s.

I was driving by and noticed a few boulders at the foot of the hill had been moved to an artfully arranged pile , a sure sign of the bulldozers to come next. I looked up the hill and pulled into the lot across the street to take these photos. There are three guys at the top of the frame, likely engineers or surveyors and below them is their Humvee, could be from the Navel center or not ,can’t tell .

There are no roads on this side of the hill so that had to be a great ride up and down again!

I will be watching for future posts on what is built .

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6 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~ Hillside about to change

  1. I never like it when even barren land is marred by building. I know it’s necessary, but I love the land, and this one has history!

    And sorry if I missed it, but I couldn’t find the link back to the SWF site on this post. Please be so kind to include it.

    Thanks so much!

  2. uberrhund

    yogi Says:

    November 12, 2009 at 11:47 pm e

    Wow, the humvee is at a pretty steep angle.

  3. uberrhund

    J Bar Says:

    November 12, 2009 at 11:41 pm e


  4. Great sky shot. Love the diagonal. So sad that the only way to have progress is to level and build! Let us see what gets built there!

  5. These are both great.

  6. I heart both of these photos! Great way to enjoy the sky!

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