Cactus Flower Moon on Skywatch Friday

Two striking photos this week.

The clear bright blue Autumn sky above a lovely Cactus flower,multi hued leaning over the front yard wall. I have never seen this cactus bloom in multi-color until this year and never so tall ,about 11 feet up!

Very glad I took this picture when I did, the ladies next door cut it down to use about 3 hours later!

This sliver of a moon rose about 6 pm tonight, I took this on my way home from work. Outside temp about 76 degrees , a lovely Autumn moonrise and a cooling trend on the way, perfection or close enough!

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12 thoughts on “Cactus Flower Moon on Skywatch Friday

  1. The cactus flower is so pretty! Love the shot of the crescent moon too.

  2. What great, creative shots! I love them! I also love clear, blue skies and being able to see the moon! But, of course, I live in Seattle and at this time of year, both of those are hard to come by! Thanks for brightening the day/evening!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Great photos, I especially like the cactus!

  4. That’s very creative shot!

    My Sky Watch Friday

  5. both great shots! i am always amazed when cactii bloom- the flowers seem so soft compared to the rest of the plant.

  6. Love the cactus – I rarely get to see any of those – and surely never one blooming.
    Around here we get the fake flowers pasted on them.

  7. Love the photo of the blooming cactus!
    Moon shots are always a favorite!
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Wonderful photos, I love the cactus blooms and the sky and the moon shot. Happy skywatching.

  9. Yep, great blue skies! Interesting cactus, too. Nice colors on the flowers. We actually got a little bit of rain yesterday. Today? Blue skies again! Happy skywatching and thanks for visiting my post.

  10. Ayeen

    Wow! These are great photos! I can’t believe that cactus grew so high and you caught it just in time! Good work.

  11. I’m behind…. these are lovely shots you got. Love that cactus – very unusual and not something I can ever hope to see around here.

    Hope you are doing okay, Janis.

  12. totally striking! Wow!

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