Skywatch Friday Storm Clouds,Sushi & Cookie Sheets

We had an amazing sunset yesterday . The sun was peeking through a momentary break in the storm clouds . The actual rain was moving away and a little cloud cover was rolling in from the Pacific overnight. Today we have clear sky and gusty wind throughout the Southland.

The photo above was taken on the I-15 South at about 70 MPH (Daughter took it from the passenger side!). It is straight out of the camera. We were returning home after a shopping day and all of a sudden the sky was glowing all orange and gold and we were both “get the camera! this is the moment!!!)

We had a nice day out shopping during which I was able to check off two items from my 101 things in 1001 days list.

#11 Have Sushi with Ayleen: Done ! Stopped at Rolling Rice in Rancho and had lunch. We had avocado roll, Cucumber roll and a yummy crunch roll plus a bowl of Edamame that may have been a little too salty but still really yummy!

#27 New cookie sheets : Done! Have enough good cookie sheets and cooling racks to bake a double batch all at once now!

See more skywatch photos from around the globe at:

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18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Storm Clouds,Sushi & Cookie Sheets

  1. nice! and great minds think alike — only miles away from one another! i think the sunsets have been stunning all week since mine was taken monday.

  2. Yes that is a beautiful sky, great shot

  3. Great colours and lighting, thanks for sharing:)

  4. What a beautiful golden sky…and congrats on the list! :o)

  5. Love those golden sunsets! And this one is gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by and you comment! Have a great weekend!


  6. Nice capture, a passing storm usually means great photo ops and for me it ment the end of the fog at least for a few days.

  7. What a glorious sunset.

  8. fab sunset.

    Love your 101 list – will put one of those on my things to do do list! For no.18 have you seen ? a fun way of re-homing books?

  9. Fantastic colour sky!

  10. Great.

  11. Taking photos from a fast moving car is always a challenge.

  12. Yes, this is a fantastic sky.

  13. fab shot…was reading you 101 list…interesting items.
    were you out shopping in the desert? you mentioned coming back on the i-15?
    i was a native californian until 8 years ago when we moved east to virginia. we lived in chino hills…i grew up in glendale.
    have a great weekend.

    ucla has archaeological dig program during the summer months…sites are usually local. check out their extension program catalog for more info or call 😉

  14. just lovely

  15. This is amazingly awesome picture. Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

    SWF:Clear sky & Icicles

  16. Hildred

    Splendid golden sky.

  17. Wow! Ayleen got a fantastic shot of the sunset! I was wondering how your 1001 days list was coming along. Ah, sushi sounds great ~ my favorite are the spicy ones.

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