Sky Watch Friday Windy Ridge

The view today is from the 91 Freeway at the 241 toll road, known as Windy Ridge and boy was it windy today!  35 to 50 MPH gusts with driving rain!

This is another “from the car” straight out of the camera shot.  Yes, my windshield IS very clean since it had been rained on all day!

The rain has been falling all week here in So Cal ,very strange for us to see more than a day or two of the wet stuff at a time. We had the first of four storms begin Sunday night, then Tuesday another, Wednesday yet another and the last storm slap was today with rain through Friday evening.

I drove in to Orange to go antiquing with a friend ( this is both business and fun for me!) or I would not have been out in the rain today at all.

We were lucky to avoid the rain drops all morning  darting in and out of the shops. We watched the wind-blown storm roll in as we ate a yummy lunch at Rutabegorz . When we returned to the sidewalk it was clearing up a bit so we went in another shop…bad choice! We were faced with a deluge between us and the car, oh well it is only water so out we went.

We had a good day , rain and all.

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4 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday Windy Ridge

  1. Good shot.

  2. It does look unusual for southern Cal! Great shot! Have a great weekend — stay dry!


  3. Rain and wind gusts! Great shot through your rain-cleaned window! Sounds like a good day with a friend.

  4. i’m doing this drive today. what a blessing it will be clear! we had some destruction in our yard from the storm, lost a big part of our 20-year-old live oak. i guess there’s pressure on the weather gods to get all of cali’s yearly rainfall over with in 4 days so no one will complain!

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