Bobs Birthday ( also Skywatch Friday! )

Last Saturday we had a break from the pouring rain and drove up to our daughter’s to spend the day for Bob’s birthday.

She had an entire day of being a “tourist” in Los Angeles planned for her dad!

Even though we have  lived here all of our lives there are some places that we have just never been to, because we think to ourselves ” oh that will always be there, we can go anytime”.

We went to the Tar Pits, Olivera St and all kinds of places,ate a lot of yummy food and stayed out way too late (for us!)

The BEST place all day of a bunch of really good places was … the… Do-do-do-do -do -do-do-do…BATCAVE!!!

The Batty  Birthday planner herself !

Yep we hiked into the back of Griffith Park and visited THE  Bat Cave!

It is where you see the Batmobile (1966 edition) race into a turn off with a cave . It was pretty awesome!

The photo above is for Skywatch Friday,the gray/blue Los Angeles sky peeks through the back of the actual Bat Cave! That is my Son-in-law George and my DH Bob coming back from their Bat-tastic adventure in the Bat Cave …BANG! ZOW! POW!

See more skies from around the world at :

Every week…same Bat time, same Bat site !

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8 thoughts on “Bobs Birthday ( also Skywatch Friday! )

  1. looks everyone had fun!
    happy Bday to your DH Bob!

    have a great weekend!

    come and visit me sometime! Here’s mine:
    Skywatch Mosaic

    have a beautiful day!

  2. Did you see any bats?
    I’m impressed that you managed to fit a chunk of sky into a cave photo!

    Happy birthday bob xo

  3. Does look like a fun day! Great shot! Hope you have even more fun this weekend!


  4. That is so coo!!! Happy belated bday to Bob. Is that you in front of the cave???

  5. What a fun skywatch Friday entry! Happy Birthday to Bob!

  6. Hildred

    That sounds like a great adventure. Happy Birthday to DH! Isn’t it dreadful how we neglect going to places that are close and interesting, – just taking them for granted.

  7. I had no idea The Bat Cave was in Griffith Park. Cool!

  8. Were there any bats? I’ve never been in a “cave” and since I don’t like the dark dark, wonder if I would have the nerve to explore one. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! It was nice to see you. ~ks

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