Grand National Roadster Show Skywatch Friday

A lone Kustom parked at the Fairplex in Pomona Ca for the Grand National Roadster Show.

Beautiful blue sky above.

We have had rain for the last couple of years at this event and it was a welcome 4 days of sunny dry weather with highs in the upper 60’s!

I spent 3 days of the show working at the Pinstriper’s reunion . There were at least 30 very talented stripers there and a huge amount of art was produced for the public and for our charity auction.

Here are a couple pictures of the Pinstriping event.

See more sky from around the globe at :

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9 thoughts on “Grand National Roadster Show Skywatch Friday

  1. Wonderful looking roadster under the neat blue skies.

  2. Lovely blue skies and what a colorful event! And a Happy Birthday, Bob! Have a great weekend!


  3. awesome! one of the things i love about the ie: old cars (and mostly blue skies)!

  4. Hildred

    everything looks so exotic, – especially that beautiful golden car. And the trees, – great shots.

  5. The top photo is so much fun, I love the nice warm colors in it :o) Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the colors and lighting in that first shot!

  7. Nice car – looking forward to summer to see some of the old cars out and about (yet another reason to look forward to summer). The colours are great in the shot.

    What is pinstriping?

  8. First I was looking at the golden roadster, until then at the brilliant blue sky!

  9. Thanks for letting me know – can you do that then? I could never hope to do it, too wobbly! My husband has a 1969 MGB Roadster – would look great with a bit of decoration – Let us know if you’re ever passing!
    Tish was beautiful, 15 is a good age. Our last Beagle was a lemon – we only lasted 3 months without her before getting a new puppy. Couldn’t get used to putting a plate of food down and it still being there ten minutes later.

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