*new words


I am pretty sure this is a place that will bring me yummy fish tacos and that it also has a lovely view.

Too bad it doesn’t really exist. Bob fooled me with this “new Word” while we were looking for a lunch spot and I went for it , hook, line and sinker!

Bob: Look! How about Tacquarium?

Me: Where , Where? fish tacos! where !?!?

Bob: (snarfing and laughing )

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3 thoughts on “*new words

  1. Ahh! I like that word and find it’s use amusing. Thank you for spreading the fun!

  2. Great post, beautiful skies and I can always use a laugh!! Glad someone was watching out for those guys on the ladder!! One job I think I’d pass on!! Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. Wow that is some story! My husband would consider this a possibly Darwin award entry. The photos are lovely.

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