Skywatch Friday Blustery Day

We are having very Spring like skies for the last couple of days, big blustery clouds , light winds and all kinds of fresh scents in the air.

This is the Baptist Church Steeple (no painters with crazy ladders here!) in Corona . This Steeple holds speakers which chime throughout the day on the hour. I really love their sound, they can be heard from well over a mile away even with all the normal sounds of a city below them. That means I can hear the chimes from my front porch…Hooray!

For more views of our earth’s sky and those who live beneath it  go to:

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7 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday Blustery Day

  1. Interesting capture and as I read I thought I heard bells!
    p.s. enjoyed reading your 101 list :O)
    Happy Friday!

  2. Greta building.

  3. Great photo for sky watch friday, we do enjoy seeing the horizon from all different corners of the world.

  4. I love the way steeples look against the sky. Great shot.

  5. Hildred

    You can almost see the clouds being blown across the sky. Lovely shot.

  6. pretty church but love the trees – what type are they?

    have a sunny week xo

  7. Great skywatch photo!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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