Skywatch Friday~ On a clear day…

I had no photo for Skywatch when I left the house this morning.

We went to help a friend move into a new house and when I went to the trash cans with a box of discards the view below was before my eyes.

This is the first really clear ,warm day of the year and there is the most beautiful view of the Inland valley.

The white mound that looks like a mesa in the center foreground is really the active cement quarry/mine of Agua Mansa. The cement companies have been mining gravel and sand off of the hill that was once two or three times the current height for most of the last 100 years. Agua Mansa cement built the Inland Empire.

You are looking out from the city of Grand Terrace across part of Riverside , San Bernardino , Rialto , Colton, Fontana and  Rancho Cucamonga.

See more of our earth and the sky above it at:

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8 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday~ On a clear day…

  1. Nice photo it is, goes to show you never know when a Sky Watch photo is going to sneak up on you.

  2. Terrific capture! I think the more photos you take, the more you look for possible ones wherever you are — and you’re usually rewarded! You surely were this time! Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. Hildred

    How great that you were aware of this lovely picture of the mountain and the sky and the shadow. Beautiful….

  4. Fantastic shot indeed, what a great view.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  5. What a fabulous view and photo! Good thing you had your camera with you!

  6. Great view, glad to see that you’ve had some blue.

    We went to San Bernardino on our honeymoon (not particularly by choice – it was just where the road took us). Is it Lake Arrowhead on the hill just outside? Now that really was beautiful – might go and look out my old photos – thanks for jogging the memory xo

  7. Great view…the mountains in the background are a perfect touch.

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