Skywatch Friday ~Balmy Palms

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This is how So Cal looks this week…like a postcard!

These are a couple of views of homes overlooking an arroyo East of Riverside.

Spring has sprung here,jasmine is blooming in the night , temps are in the upper 70’s,breezes are light and the we are into the long evenings of Daylight Time.

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9 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~Balmy Palms

  1. That is exactly how I imagine SoCal. Aside from Disneyland and Universal Studios, I haven’t seen any of the beautiful sides of SoCal. Hope to remedy that soon.

  2. Brings back all my memories of southern California and the years I lived there! Marvelous captures!! Wishing you a great weekend!


  3. Can only agree! Perfect postcard shots! Beautiful!

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  4. Have real envy – warm blue skies, sunshine and posh houses. I was just pleased with shedding the scarf gloves and hats!

    Have a good week xo

  5. Fabulous.

  6. Beautiful. Love the tall palm tree.

  7. What a beautiful captire of this neat palm filled sky, it looks wonderful.

  8. Your scenes are wonderful and they look just like it does here in southern Florida… except for one enormous difference!
    You have Mountains and we have mole hills 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend

  9. Glennis

    The palms look great against the blueness.

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