Skywatch Friday April Snow

Driving back from Arizona on the 31st of March these photos are of the Cajon Pass traveling back into the Inland Empire from the high desert.

The South side of the highway, heavy clouds and edge of windy storm passing by.

Still snowing on the high peaks on the North side of the pass,wind gusts of 35-40 mph at this point, steady wind of 20+mph.

Another mile down the hill and the clouds are lifting a little, still windy.

A few miles more and the wind died down while the sun from the valley beyond is starting to break through.

There is Spring ski season in Southern California this year since so much snow remains!

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13 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday April Snow

  1. Great, stormy captures for the day! Very dramatic skies! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter weekend!


  2. I love the way the clouds look over the mountains. Beautiful drive by shots.

  3. Wow! How dramatic!

  4. Hildred

    Wonderful capture of your journey through the storm. Love the cloud pictures. Have a happy Easter.

  5. I love seeing stormy mountain pictures. April is the second snowiest month of the year at my house, last year we had over 3 feet of snow in April.

  6. Great shots on the move! The clouds are dramatic and the place looks awesome to me!

    Greetings and Happy Easter from Pixellicious Photos

  7. Love these photos of mountains and sky and ski areas! My daughter and family are in Colorado at this time snow boarding –
    I will tell them about your journey through Southern California and
    the spring ski season there.

  8. Beautiful stormy skies.. Don’t have that kind of Scenery in Ohio LOL

  9. ohhh! I love skies like that! Beautiful clouds and mountains, looks like you had a great view on the drive!

  10. Looks pretty stormy! What a contrast to the dry, hot summers!

  11. Beautiful dramatic clouds and what a lovely place to visit.

    Thanks for the visit

  12. What an amazing drive! Those views are special.

    Are you getting your skis out one last time then?!

  13. Wow! Very dramatic and beautiful clouds. 🙂

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