Skywatch Friday~ Doctor Who amended

Our sky has turned cloudy and drizzly again this week. The forecast is clear and warmer for the weekend at least.

This is a view of the San Gabriel Mountains , the same ones I often show throughout the seasons. Last Monday they were under heavy cloud cover.

The GPSr is there in the shot a proof of finding an “Earthcache” that teaches the cacher something about the geology of an area.

The second view is of Ayleen(daughter) and I at the site of the cache,this is for the challenge of including myself in more photos. We had a fun afternoon out that day , full of geocaching,picking up a bridesmaid dress and visiting the local Bass Pro Shop arcade shooting gallery!

I also have amended my 101/1001 list to replace the Dr.Who viewing  with the current Doctor, he is brilliant! I still want to and will see all the David Tennant Drs. but I am starting anew with the Dr. # 11.

I really like the Amy Pond character  and the girl who plays her as well!

Ok, enough babble, see more skywatch photos from all over the world @:

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7 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday~ Doctor Who amended

  1. aloha,

    and happy earth day, interesting info on earth cache, i’ll have to check it out

    would you care to join me on a new challenge i have posted on my site

    come and join us.

  2. Looks like a fun day was had by all in spite of those grumpy skies! Terrific shot of them though! Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. Interesting shots on your blog.

  4. Beautiful dark, cloudy sky.

  5. Cute captures from a fun day 🙂

  6. The sky does look menacing. Wish we could have some of the moisture though… it is so hot and humid here at the moment, it is almost oppressive…

  7. overtiredmum

    Never think of that area getting clouds like that – so it’s not just blue skies all the way! Hope you didn’t get too wet!

    My daughter loves Dr Who (even the scary bits) and agrees with you on the new one – he seems pretty good so far.

    I’ve got a GPSr on my birthday present list – thanks for the tip off!

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