Skywatch Friday ~ Mouse Guard FCBD !

Pretty little river crossing the road in Arizona , April 2010.

We have been VERY busy under pretty plain blue skies .

The last couple of weeks have been a slow speed  (but ever increasing!) drive around the learning curve.

We had to replace two computers here  and both have Windows 7 . NOTHING looks the same and I am training my brain to look for the new titles and file names and forget the old Windows.stone age names and icons!  I am very ,very pleased with my new set up and have spent an enormous amount of time at the keyboard.

I missed last week’s Skywatch due to this issue.

On the upside the carshow season is in full swing and that pleases Bob. I went to Free Comic Book Day 2 hours late, around noon last Saturday and they still had the comic I really wanted. Mouse Guard FTW !

I cannot say enough good things about Mouse Guard. It is a well written & amazingly well drawn story. It is not cutesy at all, these mice are involved in a very serious world of changing seasons and threats to their very existence. Check it out at :

See more skies around the world as they drift over the head of geeky comic book readers (I know you are out there!) at:

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6 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~ Mouse Guard FCBD !

  1. Plain perhaps, but blue is always beautiful! Have a great weekend!


  2. Lovely little springtime river banks. Will have to follow up on Mouse Guard!

  3. Janis, beautiful photo!! I have been so lacking in the skywatch thing lately. My camera is not getting picked up as much as I would like.

    Cool that they still has your comic for you – A lucky day for you!

  4. overtiredmum

    mmmm new computers – I’m very envious. I have to wipe away the dirt and greasy fingerprints to get to the key to wind my old laptop up!

    I’ve lost my skywatch mojo this week – reallife has got in the way of my looking up. Your sky is a lovely summery blue (if I had one of those I may be more inspired!).

    As for the comics – not sure. Never really got past the Beano – a class british kids comic!

    Have a good week xo

  5. Beautiful, clear, perfect skies.

    And now I have to go look for mouse guard!

  6. Sure hope your technology glitches are worked out! Your posts are wonderful and your comments on our blog are always great!


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