Skywatch Friday~ First Brush Fire of the Year!

The official fire season has not even begun yet but there it is, about 3 miles as the crow flies from our house(we are all fine, it is burning away from homes at the moment South/Southwest in heavy brush.

We spent the day in neighboring Orange County ,stopping at the grocery store on the way home, the first photo is what we saw walking out of the store.

This is a very smokey scene about 3 miles from the fireline . A plane has just made a Phos Chek drop (it is the red fire-retardant to help put out inaccessible areas ) over the western edge of the fire,now being called the McKinley

Fire and having spread to 550 acres  and still growing.

A better view of the plane going in for a Phos-Chek drop , the next one is the plane on the way out and around for another run and then a long view of our sky to the S/W this evening . These were taken a couple hours ago around 5:45 pm May 20th 2010.

I think we are in for a very long crispy fire season . The brush has grown out of control after a Winter of heavy rain.

The McKinley fire was started today by a crew clearing brush with power mowers as far as they know at the moment, trying to clear brush and prevent fires…ironic.

UPDATE: May 21st @9am the McKinley fire is 80 percent contained at 850 acres and there have been no major injuries or deaths,no homes destroyed. Thank you to Cal Fire,CDF and all the inmate,volunteer and city/county firefighters for quick action, this could have been much worse.

See more Skywatch photos from all over the world @

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5 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday~ First Brush Fire of the Year!

  1. That’s a lot of smoke.

  2. scary. i hope no lives would be lost in these fires.

  3. My wife almost lost a house in the Bay area years ago. As a native of the Southwest, I’ve never figured out why California builders ignore the basic ecology of their ecosystem, which is fire dependent. That said, I hope you, and yours, are safe and without fear. Your pics are incredibly descriptive. I have a sense for how it must be to live with fire so close. Here in Vermont, large fires are few and very infrequent, but when the big ones happen they are immensely destructive.

  4. Very smokey views! Stay safe!

  5. scary – I guess living in wet England has some benefits!

    Take care xo

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