Skywatch Friday ~ Burbank History plus 101 in a 1001 days addition!

We were out Geocaching at a new park monument site in Burbank recently( the same place I took the photos of the big “B” on the hillside above the city) it was a beautiful Spring day so I have more photos to share from May 9th 2010.

The actual sky in So Cal this week is clear blue and as of tomorrow we are under a high pressure system that will drive temperatures into the middle 90’s for the weekend…photos of this week will surely follow for next Skywatch!

This is the statue of Doctor David Burbank (in front of the statue is Ayleen’s DH ,George,who is awesome about going geocaching with me at the drop of a hat!).

We found the cache and had a great time taking photos around the park. I will show you the adjacent business another day.

There is also a time capsule buried in the park for the people of 2060 to open !

Learning about the history of Burbank also contributes to finishing one of my 101 things in 1001 days!

From the statue dedication program:

David Burbank was born in Effingham, New Hampshire on December 17, 1821 and spent his early childhood in Cumberland County Maine. He practiced dentistry at Waterville, Maine until 1853 when he moved west to San Francisco and set up a successful dental practice. In 1866 Dr. Burbank left San Francisco to practice dentistry in the Pueblo de Los Angeles.

He bought 4,600 acres of the Rancho San Rafael from Jonathan Scott and 4,600 acres of Rancho La Providencia from David Alexander and Alexander Bell for one dollar an acre and combined the two ranchos as one large ranch. David and his wife Clara were owners of one of the largest and most successful sheep ranches in Southern California. They built their ranch house on what was later to be a backlot of the Warner Bros. studio and the house stood until the early 1950’s. The ranch was so successful that in 1872 Dr. Burbank stopped practicing dentistry and invested heavily in Los Angeles real estate.

In 1879 the first Burbank school building was built on an acre of land that Dr. Burbank donated. He sold his Burbank Ranch to the Providencia Land, Water and Development Company for $250,000 in 1886, but stayed on as director. The land was surveyed and a business district was laid out, surrounded by residential lots. Dr. Burbank and his son built the Burbank Villa for the land company.

In 1893 at a cost of $150,000 Dr. Burbank opened the Burbank Theatre on South Main Street in Los Angeles. The theater seated 2,000 and soon became the leading theater and opera house in Los Angeles. Dr. Burbank also built the Tally-Ho Stables. Dr. David Burbank died at age 73 on January 21, 1895.

See more great sky photos and learn a little more about the earth we live upon @ :

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8 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday ~ Burbank History plus 101 in a 1001 days addition!

  1. Look at those mountains; neat to see that view – quite a vista.

  2. What a terrific capture of lovely skies as well as the beautiful area itself. Very interesting about the statue and the time capsule! Great post for the day! Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Such beautiful sky watch! Thanks for sharing the history.

  4. Patriotically beautiful skywatch photo!!

  5. Awesome sky. How lucky you are to have someone who’ll go geocaching at the drop of a hat! And he lets you take your camera too. 🙂

  6. Beautiful blue in the sky, and thank you for the interesting history.

  7. Oh wow by Jan 2060 I would be 93 at that time. I wish I am still here to witness the opening of the time capsule and still doing blogging ^_^ Great shot and I just love the site. Happy weekend!

    SWF~Dark clouds

  8. Beautifull captured spring day and fascinating history!
    To think what this person created makes one feel humble, I am glad he is remembered as the outstanding person he was.

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