I <3 Fonts

Hello, my name is Janis and

I love fonts.

There I have said it , put it out there to the world.

Fonts are art speaking out loud.

They each convey a sense of time ,place,taste and feel. There are for example sweet Scripts,curly old-fashioned bakery shop signs. Then there are salty block letters big and bold on a Pharmacy . Little bitter  8 & 10 pt. Courier fonts that deliver bad news via telegram from far away. Poppy ,hollow letters that lead used car lot adverts, sour little lures that make you want to look but also to turn away. Flowing brightly across boxcars and trainyards the fifth taste  of graffiti  also scratchy and stark ,the Umami of artful letters.

Fonts are everywhere,those inside your head ,the text in dreams,all over the internet,gracing pages of books,snuggled atop hand crafted papers & always, always at the tip of a sign painter brush.

Here are a few sites I enjoy, you might too:




Saved the best for last (thank you Ayleen for showing me this one!)


At Ilovetypography.com you can find fonts, identify a font you saw and want to know more about,download fonts ,all kinds of written goodness.

They even have a game!

So there you go , enjoy many future hours writing art!

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